National Centre for Agriculture Mechanization, Ilorin


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  • Staff size n/a
  • Revenues (IGR) n/a
  • Budget Allocation () ₦509,356,436.00
  • Recurrent Expenditure ₦409,356,436.00
  • Capital Expenditure ₦100,000,000.00

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Areas of statutory responsibilities and functions

The business of the Centre includes:

  • Engaging in and encouraging both adaptive and innovative research towards the development of new machines for local conditions;
  • Testing and evaluation the suitability of the types of locally developed and imported agricultural equipment and methods to be used in Nigeria;
  • Standardization and certification of agricultural machines and equipment used in Nigeria agriculture;
  • Ensuring that the need for trained manpower for appropriate mechanization is met through actions which would aim to supplement the teaching and training programmes of existing institutions.
  • Improving the agronomic and husbandry practices in relation to cultivation, planting, harvesting, soil and water management techniques etc.
  • Studying the ecological weeds, pests and diseases of crops, and their control measures.
  • Improving the utilization of agricultural by-products.
  • Integrating the cultivation methods of crops into farming system in different ecological zones and its social-economic effects on the rural population
  • Extending new technologies and services through exhibition, seminars and workshops and Trade Fare.
  • Undertaking any other matter relating to attaining self-sufficiency in agriculture in terms of quality and quantity, reduction of drudgery in farming systems and eliminating the need for food importation.

Deriving from her mandate, the Centre:

  • Produces appropriate and affordable need-based, home-grown equipment and machinery for crop production, processing, storage and packaging;
  • Organizes technical and vocational courses in home-grown farming technologies for fabricators;
  • Collaborates with research institutes, universities and other related organizations;
  • Serves as a link institution to bring into focus expeditiously, all mechanical technologies and processes developed by various institutions and organizations/manufacturers in the federation;
  • Acts as consultants to both governmental and non-governmental organizations in the field of farm mechanization;
  • Provides specialized short-term training programmes, workshops, and seminars in different fields of agricultural engineering and mechanization for professionals in private and governmental establishments, and trainers in technological institutions;
  • Provides specialized industrial training and research facilities for professionals and students of higher institutions;
  • Tests and evaluates the suitability of various institutional and organizational technologies developed for Nigerian farmers, standardizes them and assists in their rapid commercialization by training the entrepreneurs and industrialists, in various phases of industrial engineering;
  • Establishes farms for crop production for commercial purposes;
  • Establishes meteorological station to obtain data for weather predictions for farm operations; and
  • Generates information data bank for research and development in agricultural mechanization activities
Addresses/Contact info of offices in all States and in FCT

KM. 20, Ilorin-Lokoja Highway, Idofian,
P.M.B. 1525, Ilorin,
Kwara State
Tel: 031-224831, 224836