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  • Staff size n/a
  • Revenues (IGR) n/a
  • Budget Allocation () ₦73,416,536,317.00
  • Recurrent Expenditure ₦3,116,536,317.00
  • Capital Expenditure ₦70,300,000,000.00

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Establishment Act

Electric Power Sector Reforms (EPSR) Act, 2005

[Roadmap for Power Sector Reform, 2010]

[National Electric Power Policy (NEPP), 2001]

142_Electric Power Sector Reform Act of 2005.pdf145_Roadmap for Power Sector Reform Abridged Version.pdf
Areas of statutory responsibilities and functions
  1. Initiate and formulate broad policies and programmes on the development of the power sector (electricity) in general
  2. Initiate concessions in the power sector of the economy
  3. License electric generating sets of 1MW capacity and below and electrical contractors
  4. Conduct investigation on electrical accidents and to ensure safety in the electricity industry in Nigeria
  5. Conduct statutory tests and certification of electric poles (concrete, wooden, steel etc) and other major electrical materials before they are used on the grid and networks in Nigeria
  6. Implement renewable energy progammes/initiatives (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Small Hydro etc)
  7. Coordinate activities of power sector
  8. Handle policy matters relating to research and development in the power sector
  9. Promote the development of hydro power plants through public private partnership (PPP)
  10. Participate in bilateral and multilateral relations affecting the power sector
  11. Facilitate the overall coordination of the activities of the parastatals under its supervision
  1. Presidential Task Force on Power
  2. Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
  3. Transmission Company of Nigerian
  4. National Power Training Institute of Nigeria (NAPTIN)
  5. Nigeria System Operator
  6. Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Plc
  7. Operator of the Nigerian Electricity Market
  1. Electrical and Inspectorate Services
  2. Power
  3. Human Resources Management
  4. Investment and Sector Development (ISD)
  5. Planning, Research and Statistics
  6. Finance and Accounts
  7. Legal
  8. Internal Audit
  9. Press and Public Relations
  10. Protocol
  11. Servicom
Annual Reports (for 2010-2012) and information on Reporting Deadlines for each MDA
146_2011 Annual Report of Federal Ministry of Power.pdf147_2012 Year Book.pdf
Addresses/Contact info of offices in all States and in FCT

Federal Ministry of Power
New Federal Secretariat Complex
Shehu Shagari Way
Central Business District



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