Type: Ministry

Principal Officers

Mr Linus Awute

Permanent Secretary
Areas of statutory responsibilities and functions

[i]         advising government on Mining Policy and Matters affecting Mining and Quarrying Industries in the country;

[ii]         ensuring that Lands delineated for Mining and Quarrying purposes contain economic deposits

[iii]        harnessing the Solid Mineral Resources, in order to accelerate ec onomic , soc ial and political growth of the nation;

[iv]       prompt issuance of permits, licences, and leases on Mining and Quarrying activities;

[v]        enforcement of all Laws and Regulations for the orderly and safe exploration of Solid Minerals;

[vi]       overseeing the relevant Parastatals engaged in Mineral Exploration;

[vii]       collection of fees, rents and royalties due to government as a result of Minerals prospecting and exploitation by Companies;

[viii]      acting as a repository and store of all geological occurrences and exploratory data nationwide;

[ix]       progressive geological mapping of the Country at various scales to maintain up-to- date knowledge of the geology of the Country and documentation of the Minerals resources;

[x]        developing a reliable and accessible National Earth Science Database, conducting research and publishing minerals commodity, mining technology, mineral economics and marketing strategies;

[xi]       conducting minimal exploration and evaluation of the Country’s Mineral resources, using geological, geophysical, and geo-chemical techniques;

[xii]       dissemination geo-scientific information to stakeholders and the public in the form of maps, reports, publication, e.g. Geological Map of Nigeria, Annual Reports, Bulletins, Records occasional papers and unpublished [file] reports;

[xiii]      acquisition, packaging and dissemination of geo-scientific data as the means by which stakeholders and investors will become aware of the mineral potentials of the Country, and consequently be attracted to investment in any clearly defined potentially economic mineral deposits in the Country;

[xiv]     acting as Consultants to both public and private sectors on engineering projects, such as Dams and construction, natural hazards and other environmental issues, etc;

[xv]      playing the role of a regulator, facilitator, accelerator and a monitor in the development of the Solid Minerals Sector;

[xvi]     develop national policies on Solid Minerals that will give attractive incentives which are globally competitive for prospective investors;

[xvii]     regularly reviewing Minerals Laws and Regulations that will ensure a level playing ground and security of tenure for all investors in the Sector;

[xviii]    standardizing procedures for the processing of applications to meet the demand of the expanding mineral industries;

[xix]     regularly monitoring and inspecting the minefields by the professional staff so as to ensure compliance with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Minerals and Mining Act 1999;

[xx]      organizing a National Consultative Forum [NCF] on Solid Minerals Development, twice a year, to rub minds and articulate views on policy issues relating to orderly and accelerated development of Solid Minerals in Nigeria;

[xxi]     Organising Consultative Forum on Service Delivery with Stakeholders/Customers on Solid Minerals, once a year.

  1. Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited
  2. Council of Nigerian Mining Engineers and Geoscience
  3. Metallurgical Training Institute, Onitsha
  4. National Iron Ore Mining Company
  5. National Metallurgical Development Centre, Jos
  6. National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency
  7. Nigerian Geological Survey Agency (NGSA)
  8. Nigerian Institute of Mining and Geosciences
  9. Nigeria Mining Cadastre Office
  10. The Nigeria Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative (NEITI)
  1. Aluminum
  2. Artisanal & Small Scale Mining
  3. Directorate, Office Of The Permanent Secretary
  4. Finance And Administration
  5. Legal Unit
  6. Metallurgical And Raw Material Development
  7. Mines Environmental Compliance
  8. Mines Inspectorate
  9. Mining Cadastre
  10. Servicom Unit
  11. Steel
Organogram and details of functional interrelationships between divisions of each MDA
Addresses/Contact info of offices in all States and in FCT

Ministry of Mines & Steel Development
Plot 360, Adetokumbo Ademola Crescent
Wuse II, PMB 107 - Abuja, Nigeria
Tel: +234 9 523 9064

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