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  • Revenues (IGR) n/a
  • Budget Allocation () ₦45,571,633,782.00
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  • Capital Expenditure ₦45,571,633,782.00

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Establishment Act

Decree 6, 1976
Federal Capital Territory Act

19_Federal Capital Territory Act.pdf
Areas of statutory responsibilities and functions

Through Abuja Environmental Protection Board
Waste collection and disposal
Landfill development
Monitoring of cleaning contractors
Maintenance of the central  sewer lines
Evacuation of septic tanks
Drainage/storm water control
Maintenance of treatment plants and aerators
Rehabilitation of degraded sites
Management of incidental open spaces, cemeteries etc.
Conservation of biodiversity
House to house inspection
Vector and pest control services
Abatement of nuisance in the FCT
Collaborating with the six Area Councils of the FCT on sanitation
Organize environmental clubs  for schools
Control of industrial waste, burrow pits and quarry sites
Pollution monitoring and control services
Laboratory analysis, Onchocerciasis  control, biodiversity studies, environmental impact assessment
Revenue generation and administrative work

Through Abuja Geographical Information System

Establish a computerized geo-spatial data infrastructure and a one-stop database for all land matters in the FCT
Facilitate land acquisition and collection of all land related revenue by the Federal Capital Territory Administration

Through Area Council Service Secretariat

Supervise all administrative and supplies matters
Provide services in establishment, training, staff welfare, discipline/open/confidential registry
Supervise stores, archives, tenders, due process etc.
Take inventory and analyse the location distribution of various projects
Assess the viability of proposed projects
Assess and compel adherence to due process
Help in building Area Council Works Department capacity on standing practices of project administration and management
Coordinate the developmental process in the Area Councils
Help in checking youth restiveness in the Area Councils
Provide health facilities in the Area Councils
Monitor the existing health matters in the Area Councils
Assess the quality of health services being rendered in the Area Councils

Through Department of Engineering Services

Conception, planning, design, procurement and development of engineering infrastructure and services in the Federal Capital City according to the Abuja Master Plan
Geological investigation and engineering studies
Engineering designs, construction and supervision of infrastructural facilities (Road works, Water supply, Storm and Foul Sewage, Electricity and Telecommunications system)

Through Department of Finance and Administration

Processing of all payments in respect of contracts as well as staff personnel
Processing of emoluments, allowances and other ancillary administrative costs from the point of raising payment vouchers up to the point of writing and issuance of cheques
Preparation of Federal Capital Territory Administration's Medium Term Sector Strategy
Preparation of Federal Capital Territory Administration's Annual Budget
Implementation of all approved budgets, both capital and recurrent as approved in appropriation
Quarterly monitoring  of Federal Capital Territory Administration's on-going  capital projects
Enters payments into appropriate vote of charge and serves as a databank in all financial and budgetary matters of Federal Capital Territory Administration's capital budget
Tapping  all revenues accruable to the Federal Capital Territory Administration
Liaising with the Federal Inland Authority (FIRS), Central  Budget  Office (CBO), Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) and other  related offices on matters relating to revenue collection
Collating, remitting and maintaining records relating to VAT, WHT and PAYE and ensuring proper, safe custody of the revenues to designated commercial banks as appointed by Federal Capital Territory Administration
In charge of new appointments, contracts appointments, transfer of service, secondment, leave  of absence, regularization/confirmation of appointments, change of names/next of kin
In charge of  mails, variation,  dispatch and the Records Section.
Ensure that laid down rules and regulation as contained in the Public Service Rules and Financial  Regulations are adhered to by staff
Evaluate APER forms, conducts promotion, interview and examination of eligible members of staff
Upgrading, conversion/advancement of officers who have  completed approved courses of study in recognized institutions
Processing of circulars
Issuance/replacement of I.D cards
Preparation of annual and quarterly  reports
Provision of  secretariat services for committee meetings

Through Department of Procurement

Process all Procurement from all departments of Federal Capital Territory Administration
Liaise with the procuring units in the preparation of procurement plans and together manage, implement and monitor the execution of all approved procurements
Vet all bid documents and advertisement for pre-qualification for all planned procurements and thereafter process same up to award stage
Organize procurement planning committee meetings to certify procurements before processing to Tender Board (the Committee also certifies payments for all projects)
Prepare submissions for Bureau of Public Procurement for the certification of projects over 50 million Naira threshold
Vet contract documents to ensure that parties' rights and obligations are well captured to minimize post-contract administration problems
Monitor on-going projects to ensure that they are being executed in line with contract documents
Coordinate the progress, problems and payments of all on-going projects 

Through Department of Public Building

Design, supervise and construct public buildings, housing and social facilities in the Federal Capital Territory (Public Offices for Ministries and Agencies; residential houses for government functionaries; stadia, cultural centres and similar social facilities; resettlement matters

Through Department of Survey and Mapping

Produce survey data and accompanying maps such as topographical maps, satellite imageries and aerial photographs
Acquire and update of aerial photographs, maps and satellite imageries
Provide physical demarcation of all categories of plots in the territory
Establish bench marks and survey control points such as triangulation stations, primary and tertiary points
Survey and demarcate farm lands, quarry sites, mining areas and resettlement sites
Provide ground truthing
Supervise survey works relating to the boundaries of the Federal Capital Territory
Chart, report, record and plan preparation
Produce and reproduce maps
Regulate activities of all registered Surveyors’ in the Federal Capital Territory
Issue Instruction to Survey (I to S) to all qualified Surveyors with the approval to carry out survey works in the Federal Capital Territory

Through Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Provide physical planning and monitoring of land use in the Federal Capital Territory

Through the Education Secretariat

Provide qualitative, accessible and affordable education to the residents of the Federal Capital Territory

Through the Health and Human Services Secretariat

Provide medical and hospital services, and manpower development, health policy formulation and planning, regulation and oversight functions for all private medical service providers

Through the Legal Services Secretariat

Provide legal advice, defend and prosecute matters in which the Administration or any of its agencies is a party
Provide contractual and legislative services

Through Satellite Town Development Agency

Open up/develop the Satellite Towns by providing infrastructural facilities to the teeming rural dwellers, thereby improving their living standards
Provide enabling environment through the provision of basic amenities which would further reduce the pressure already brought to bear on the city
Develop and upgrade the Satellite Towns
Develop linkages between the Satellite Towns and the Federal Capital City (FCC)

Through the Social Development Secretariat

Provision of excellent social services and adequate recreational facilities for residents of the Federal Capital Territory

Through the Transportation Secretariat

Plan, design and provide the first phase of public transport facilities
Design standards, specifications and construct traffic signs and markings
Operate and manage synchronized urban traffic control systems and devices
Review transportation master plan and provide traffic data for comprehensive planning and provision of transportation database
Propose traffic laws and ordinances for proper regulation and management of traffic
Liaise with stakeholders in the transport sub-sector to ensure the maintenance of standards
Develop and improve mass transportation
Re-design and improve defective transportation facilities, like intersections, underpasses, interchanges, walkways, cycle tracks, ramps, kerbs, etc.
Regulate, coordinate and manage the operation of public transportation
Partner with the private sector in the development of transport facilities and in the provision, operation and management of modern para-transit in Federal Capital Territory through the provision of an enabling business environment
Partner with stakeholder like the Nigeria Railways Corporation (NRC), Federal Ministry of Transport, Nigerian Police, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), National Union of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) etc.
Supervise the operations of Bus Mass Transit operation into three operation zones: Nationwide Unity Transport Limited (NUTL), Sonic Global Resources (Nig. Ltd) and Abuja Urban Mass Transit Company (AUMTCO) 

  1. Area Council Service Secretariat
  2. Education Secretariat
  3. Health and Human Services Secretariat
  4. Transportation Secretariat
  5. Social Development Secretariat
  6. Legal Services Secretariat
  7. Satellite Town Development Agency
  8. Abuja Environmental Protection Board
  9. Abuja Geographical Information System
  1. Procurement
  2. Finance and Administration
  3. Public Building
  4. Engineering Services
  5. Urban and Regional Planning
  6. Survey and Mapping
Addresses/Contact info of offices in all States and in FCT

Federal Capital Territory Administration
Plot 2
Kapital Street
Area 11
PMB 24





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