National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research & Development (NIPRD)


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  • Revenues (IGR) n/a
  • Budget Allocation () ₦1,002,835,461.00
  • Recurrent Expenditure ₦748,493,266.00
  • Capital Expenditure ₦254,342,195.00

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Areas of statutory responsibilities and functions
  • Undertake research and development work on drugs, biological products including vaccines and pharmaceutical raw materials from indigenous natural resources and by synthesis using appropriate science and technology methodologies.
  • Conduct appropriate investigations and consequent applications in the areas of evaluation, preservation, purification, standardization, safety and rational utilization of traditional medicine.
  • Develop methodologies for quality assessment of biological products, orthodox and herbal medicines including their raw materials.
  • Serve as reference centre for research work on the biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, storage and stability of imported and locally manufactured drugs and biological products.
  • Conduct research and development work into pharmaceutical biotechnology, nutrition, cosmetics and environmental science for improved quality oflife and the conservation of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • Establish and operate a quality assurance laboratory for pharmaceutical raw materials and products.
  • Promote and sponsor staff development; through training courses, workshops, and fellowship within and outside Nigeria.
  • Promote and sponsor the local development and production of drugs, vaccines pharmaceutical machinery, devices and accessories.
  • Promote and sponsor the local development and production of drugs, vaccines pharmaceutical machinery, devices and accessories.
  • Promote the pilot production unit of the Institute into a limited liability business venture.
  • Transfer pharmaceutical products and machinery technologies to private sector industries, and render consultancy and extension services to such and other organizations.
  • Establish and maintain relevant laboratories, clinics, medicinal plant gardens in strategic ecological zones of Nigeria as may be’ necessary for the performance of the functions.
  • Compile and publish relevant data resulting from the performance of the functions ofthe Institute.
  • Sponsor such national and international conferences, workshops, and symposia, as may be considered appropriate.
  • Patent and register new products and processes with appropriate national bodies, international organizations, and selected countries.
  • Enter into commercial and other appropriate agreements with relevant national and multinational corporations regarding the marketing and utilization of the Institute’s products and services.
  • Liaise with higher institutions, government organizations, multinational bodies and other relevant establishments within and outside Nigeria in the pursuance of the mandate ofthe Institute.
  • Establish and develop drug information system, collate and synthesize relevant research information for drug manufacturing industries and research centres.
  1. Administration and Supply
  2. Account and Finance
  3. Medicinal Chemistry and Quality Control (MC & QC)
  4. Medicinal Plant Research & Traditional Medicine
  5. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  6. Pharmaceutical Technology & Raw Materials Development (PT & RMD)
  7. Microbiology and Biotechnology
  8. NIPRD Research Clinic;
  9. Legal Unit;
  10. Protocol/Public Relations Unit;
  11. Consultancy Unit (NIPRD CONSULT);
  12. ICT/Library, Information and Documentation Services Unit;
  13. Procurement Unit;
  14. Audit Unit;
  15. SERVICOM Unit;
  16. Monitoring & Evaluation/Knowledge Management Unit.
Addresses/Contact info of offices in all States and in FCT

National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD)

Federal Ministry of Health, Idu Industrial Layout, P.M.B 21, Garki, Abuja- FCT

Tel: + 234 (9)7803329