National Agricultural Seed Council


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  • Staff size n/a
  • Revenues (IGR) n/a
  • Budget Allocation () ₦899,965,075.00
  • Recurrent Expenditure ₦699,965,075.00
  • Capital Expenditure ₦200,000,000.00

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Areas of statutory responsibilities and functions

The functions of the Council shall be-


  1. to analyse and propose programmes, policies and actions regarding seed development and the seed industry in general, including legislation and research on issues relating to seed testing, registration, release, production, marketing, distribution, certification, quality control, supply and use of seeds in Nigeria, importation and exportation of seeds and quarantine regulations relating there to;
  2. propose improved management system and procedure relating to the administration of seed activity and advise the Federal Government on the organisation, management and proper financing of seed programmes;
  3. analyse the market and prices of seeds;
  4. control, supervise and approve the activities of the following committees established by or pursuant to this Act, that is-

                                i.            the Crop Variety Registration and Release Committee;

                              ii.            the Seeds Standards Committee;

                            iii.            the Seed Industry and Skill Development Committee; and

                            iv.            such other committees as may be established, from time to time;

      5.  advice the national research system on the changing pattern of seed demand and farmers needs;

      6.  monitor and evaluate the achievement of the national seed system and recommend improvements thereto;

      7.  encourage the formation or establishment in Nigeria of seed companies for the purpose of carrying out research, production, processing and marketing of seeds; and

     8.  perform such other related functions as may be required of the Council, from time to time.

  1. Director General's Office
  2. Finance and Administration
  3. Seed Certification and QC
  4. Foundation Seed Production and Mgt
  5. Seed Industry Development
  6. Seed Information and Data
Organogram and details of functional interrelationships between divisions of each MDA

The structure of the Council as defined by the Seed Act is made up of a governing Board with 13 members recommended by the Hon. Minister for approval of the President.   The Chairman of the board must be a person from the Private Sector with verse cognate experience in the national seed industry.  The day to day management of the Council is vested in the Director General appointed by the president on recommendation of the Hon. Minister.   There shall be five departments, four Technical and one service department.

They include:

Seed Industry Development, Technical Support and Commercial Service Department
Foundation Seed Production and Management
Seed Certification, Quality Control, Crop Registration and Release Department
Seed Information, Data Management and Capacity Building Department
Administration and Finance Department

Addresses/Contact info of offices in all States and in FCT

6th Floor, NACRDB Plaza,

Central Area,

PMB 716, Abuja

Tel: +234-8036500266